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Punishment is misguided, and Utah lacks authority

The following speech was delivered as part of a debate Friday night, Jan. 21, 2011, sponsored by the Sutherland Institute, a Salt Lake City-based conservative think tank. The debate addressed the question of whether Utah should enforce immigration laws. Paul Mero is president of Sutherland.

Provo Herald

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Closing Remarks (partial), Sutherland Institute’s Immigration Debate

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McAdams Neglect Legislation

This week I have more thoughts on nanny state nonsense.  State Senator Ben McAdams from Salt Lake City has announced that he’ll sponsor a bill making it a crime to leave a child alone in a car.  His bill would make a parent criminally negligent for endangerment of a child.

While you’re soaking that in, let’s go over his motive.  Last year, in 2010, 49 children died as a result of being left unattended in a car.  We can presume that those deaths occurred on hot summer days.  That number of children – 49 – was a nationwide number.  Forty-nine kids, out of over 100 million of them, died.  Of course, just one death is sad.  But I’m wondering if 49 deaths out of a possible 100 million, none of those deaths in Utah last year, is the sort of compelling reason to move a new law? read more

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